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Expenditures of the Fund

EUR mil. Per capita Per working person Annual change
Transfer to State Financial Assets 0,0 0 0 -63,8%
Administration of the Fund 1,7 n.a. n.a. 0,0%
Costs Related to Privatization 0,7 n.a. n.a. -10,0%
Other Expenditures 1,8 n.a. n.a. -77,0%
Total Expenditures 4,1 1 2 -59,1%
Balance of the Fund 25,9 5 11 -2,8%

Table description

National Property Fund was established in order to implement the approved privatization projects. Since there is currently no government company ready for privatization Fund performs only the role of a shareholder in companies in which it holds an interest. The fund receives revenues from the dividends and in addition to administrative expenses of the Fund the resources are sent mainly to state financial assets. These resources are then used to reduce the obligations of the state, such as the reduction of public debt or reduction of deficit of the reitrement fund of the Social Insurance Agency. Rensponsible for the management of the Fund is the National Council of SR.