How much public sector spent?

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Municipality Expenditures

EUR mil. Per capita Per working person Annual change
Labour Costs (including contributions) 1 130,6 209 465 n.a.
Goods and Services 908,4 168 373 n.a.
Transfers 342,3 63 141 n.a.
Capital Expenditures and Transfers 765,4 142 314 n.a.
Interest Payments 32,5 6 13 n.a.
Financial Operations, Debt Repayment 164,6 30 68 n.a.
Total Expenditures of Municipalities 3 343,8 618 1 374 n.a.

Table description

Municipalities represent the first and closest contact of citizen with the state. Their competence (abilities to decide and manage) and roles significantly expanded in the years 2002-2004 during the decentralization of state power. Their spending is dominated by the cost of wages, due to the high number of representatives (more than 20,000 representatives at nearly 3,000 municipalities).