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A cash register receipt represents an easy tool how to distribute the information and explain to ordinary people, where his/her taxes end and in what amount he/she contributes for public services. At the same time it provides with information on deficit spending per capita as well as growing public debt. Due to calculation method – per capita – it is clear, that the data only illustrate the costs of services, on the other hand, this method allows everyone to calculate, how much would the tax burden need to grow per capita, if, for example, the pensions should rise by 10%.

Number of the Day

Expensive kilometer

The Railway company has received a subsidy of 0,13 bln. Eur for the transport performed in public interest in 2010.

Should the current extent of tranport (e.g. No. of trains and routes) be financed directly from passanger payments, tickets would have to cost 3,25 times more. Every citizen of Slovakia has paid on average 28,0 Eur for railways, no matter whether he has entered a train in 2010 or not. For every single kilometer in a train every citizen had to pay 0,07 Eur in taxes. To compare the costs, fuel costs of common automobile, consuming 7l/100km were app. 0,08 Eur per kilometer.