The Price of the State

How much public sector collected?

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Revenues of Public Sector

EUR mil. Per capita Per working person Annual change
Consumprion taxes 7 130,6 0 0 n.a.
Income Taxes 4 227,8 0 0 n.a.
Payroll taxes 9 046,6 0 0 n.a.
Property revenues 815,0 0 0 n.a.
Other 4 751,0 0 0 n.a.
Total Revenues of Public Sector on Consolidated Base 25 971,4 0 0 n.a.

Table description

Total revenues expenditures of the public administration represent the sum of all expenditures of the state, defined according to ESA 2010 methodology. See F&Q menu at the bottom of the page to find more about ESA2010 methodology.