How much public sector collected?

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Revenues of Self-governed Regions

EUR mil. Per capita Per working person Annual change
Total Tax Revenues 508,4 94 209 n.a.
Personal Income Tax 428,2 79 176 n.a.
Motor Vehicle Taxes 80,2 15 33 n.a.
Non-tax Revenues 61,3 11 25 n.a.
Transfers from State Budget 425,9 79 175 n.a.
Financial Operations 199,7 37 82 n.a.
Total Revenues 1 195,2 221 491 n.a.

Table description

Most of the income of the self-governing units (VUC) come from transfers from the government, either in the form of the share of the collected personal income or transfers for funding of delegated powers (eg. high schools funding).