How much public sector collected?

Number of employees of regions and municipalities

Number of employees of local governments and municipalities was 187 450 as of end of the year 2017.

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Revenues of Municipalities

EUR mil. Per capita Per working person Annual change
Total Tax Revenues 1 685,3 312 692 n.a.
Personal Income Tax 1 292,0 239 531 n.a.
Property Taxes 237,4 44 98 n.a.
Taxes from Specific Services 155,8 29 64 n.a.
Non-tax Revenues 344,8 64 142 n.a.
Capital Revenues 249,6 46 103 n.a.
Subsidies and Grants within Public Sector 955,4 177 393 n.a.
Financial Operations 371,3 69 153 n.a.
Total Revenues 3 606,3 667 1 482 n.a.

Table description

Municipalities receive funding for their expenses primarily from taxes and transfers from the state budget. Most of the tax revenues, however, consists of the share of the collected income tax. The rate of it cannot be directly affected by the municipalities. Transfers within public sector serve to fund delagated powers (eg. primary education).