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Revenues of Social Insurance Agency

EUR mil. Per capita Per working person Annual change
Revenues from Contributions 4 313,6 798 1 772 n.a.
Employee 1 232,2 228 506 n.a.
Employer 2 675,3 495 1 099 n.a.
Self Employed 236,0 44 97 n.a.
Voluntary Insured Individuals 23,2 4 10 n.a.
Contributions paid by Government for Selected Individuals 146,8 27 60 n.a.
Other Revenues 979,0 181 402 n.a.
Fines and penalties 4,4 1 2 n.a.
Collection of Unpaid Contributions 229,6 42 94 n.a.
Other Revenues 745,0 138 306 n.a.
Total Revenus of Social Insurance Agency (in current year) 5 292,6 979 2 175 n.a.
Financing the Transfer of Contributions to II. Pillar from State Budget (or SFA) 567,6 105 233 n.a.

Table description

Social Insurance Agency (SIA) ensures collection of contributions from wages (income) and pays fixed benefits. Although formal charges are paid by employees and employers, in fact, only the employee’s contributions are levied on the total reward for work, which the employer would have otherwise paid to the employee. Thus every employee pays 35,9% of his income to the SIA. Financing of deficit of the 1st pillar is provided by transfers of financial assets from the State Financial Assets, in which revenues from privatization are stored and their income is also majority of dividends from state shares in energetic companies. Note: In the revenues from insurance are not included payments of the SIA for the disabled people’s pensions, because it is a transfer of insurance payments paid to disability insurance fund. SIA records this transfer as income from insurance.