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Taxes on International Trade

EUR mil. Per capita Per working person Annual change
Taxes on International Trade and Transactions 31,5 6 13 14,4%
Import Duty 0,0 0 0 n.a.
Share on Levied Finances 31,5 6 13 14,8%
Emission quota sales tax 0,0 0 0 n.a.
Bank tax 153,2 28 66 -24,9%
TV and Radio tax 71,1 13 30 -0,5%
The special levy for businesses in regulated industries 134,8 25 57 34,5%
Vehicle tax n.a.     n.a.
Other taxes 84,7 16 36 -14,7%
Total other taxes 340,5 63 146 -15,4%
Total Taxes Set by Government 12 135,1 2 241 5 198 9,3%

Table description

After joining the European Union, the customs revenue income became income of the EU budget. Slovak customs authorities, however, still remain under obligation to collect customs duty set by the EU when importing to Slovakia. The proportion of the customs collected serves to finance its collection, remains in Slovakia and is part of the state budget. Import duties and import surcharges applicable to EU countries were abolished upon entry into the EU. Accrual basis reporting is based on accrual selection, captures transactions when they occur, not at the time of payment.